Accumulation Members

Note: As at 1 January 2016, all new members enlisting into the PNG Defence Force and contributing to the Fund will be members of the accumulation scheme.

(The defined benefit scheme is no longer accepting new members, though current defined benefit members can continue to contribute to that scheme.)

What is the accumulation scheme?

The accumulation type is the most commonly used superannuation fund available to most employees in PNG and abroad.

These funds are visibly attractive with large lump sum payments upon retirement as a result of long term savings with compounded interest and a generous employer contribution to compliment the members accrued benefits.

Contribution rates

The accumulation scheme receives contributions from various sources.


Members contribute 6% or more (maximum of 15%) of their fortnightly salary.


The member’s employer contributes 8.4% or more (maximum of 15%).

The 8.4% is calculated on your gross salary, but it is contributed to the Fund by your employer every fortnight.

Compounded interest

Interest is credited to member accounts:

  • annually on the opening balance of each year
  • and then to each fortnightly contribution that the fund receives.

This allows the compounded interest effect to work and grow members’ retirement savings.


Dismissal, resignation and normal retirement

If you’re an accumulation scheme members discharged from the PNG Defence Force, you will receive a full 100% refund payout of your personal and employer contributions plus accrued interest (6% and 8.4%), when you meet the requirements of the Superannuation Act

If a member dies on active service or duty, their nominated beneficiaries are paid a full 100% payout of their personal and employer contributions plus accrued interest (6% and 8.4%).


Under a bona fide retrenchment exercise, members will receive their benefits following the same process and arrangements required for withdrawals under the Superannuation Act and subsequent amendments.

Medical benefits

Only members of the defined benefit scheme, who have been medically discharged under the PNG Defence Force’s terms and conditions for invalidity retirement, are eligible for medical pension.

Accumulation members receive a full refund of their entitlements regardless of the type of discharge.

Death benefits

If an accumulation member dies, their nominated beneficiaries will receive full payout of the member’s contributions plus accrued interest.

Preservation of benefits

Read the rules for preserving retirement savings and the criteria for receiving your payments immediately.